My  Small team of volunteers and I spend a great amount of time with the hounds in need. I do a great deal of the transport myself, which saves us a large amount of money.



We rarely have puppies looking for new homes. The average age of our hounds is around 11 to 18 months old.

We have a few hounds that have been looking for a forever home for a long while, some have been with us for 11 years.


We are a non kill, non profit group who works for free to support new owners and hounds in need of help.

We have taken hounds that have been abused, hit by cars, not shown love by a human by being shut away in sheds and even ones used as targets for shooting.


We plan fundraisers to help with our costs and ask a minimum donation fee.


If you would like to host a special event in our name near where you live, then please get in touch we would be happy to support you and for your support.